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Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that produce a female plant in 99.9% of the cases. Feminized cannabis seeds work differently than regular cannabis seeds. With regular seeds, the male and female seeds are mixed and you have to remove the males during flowering. If you don’t do this, pollen will be released from the males and you will get seeds in your buds. With feminized cannabis plants, the plants are all female and stable. This means that there is almost no chance of having males.

Why do growers opt for cannabis seeds in the first place? Because cannabis seeds are always stronger than cuttings. The growth and flowering are more powerful, so you get healthy plants and a higher yield. They are also more resistant to high temperatures, diseases, and overfeeding. There is a lot more choice because there are many different types of cannabis seeds. Storing and transporting cannabis seeds is also much easier than with cuttings. There are many cannabis varieties for indoor and outdoor cultivation to choose from.

Because production and selection are done by ourselves, we have the best genetics. And as such, we are proud to say that our cannabis seeds are the best quality in the world. The genetics of our seeds are preserved because we keep the mother plants at the production site. This ensures that you will always have the same cannabis seeds.

Within our range of unique feminized cannabis seeds, we have a lot of variety. Here, you can think of a high percentage of indica, sativa, or medicinal CBD strains, for example. Regular autoflower and very large autoflower cannabis seeds are also part of the range.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

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