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A CBD rich hybrid that has a low THC and high CBD level. A very unique strain that is well suited for medical patients, and smokers who want low levels of THC with compact, full flavours. Sweet, woody, citrus terpenes that are ready to harvest between 9-11 weeks. She is certainly worth the wait and will reward you with top quality medicine. Not the easiest strain to grow, meaning this girl is best suited for growers with experience.

Genetics: By crossing MK Ultra with G13 Haze, the result was a plant that has a CBD dominant cannabinoid profile. After testing in our lab, we discovered the flowers has a THC level ranging from 3-7% and CBD levels of 6-10%. G13 was once considered the strongest strain on Earth and the backstory story of it being taken from a Government facility, only adds to the mystery of its origin, however one thing is for sure, we have been successful in creating a medical hybrid that can be used for therapeutic reasons, or enjoyed socially.

Strain characteristics: She is a sativa dominant hybrid that brings together the best of two incredible strains. Due to her sativa influence, flowering times will be range from 9-11 weeks and during this time, plant training is advised to increase yields and reduce height. Better suited for growers who have experience with vigorous growing sativa strains.

Cannatonic CBD will produce yields of 325 – 425 g/m², where she will grow with sativa characteristics producing an abundance of pistils and flowering sites. Internodal space will be large, making her a great candidate for pruning prior to flowering in order to focus all of the energy to the top parts. She has a distinct earthy, musky, woody aroma with a mild lemon base.

Experiencing the strain: The effects of Cannatonic CBD are highly therapeutic, stress relieving and remedial. The cerebral effects are very mild and can be enjoyed by those who are new to smoking, or those with a low tolerance to high powered THC strains. Thanks to her high CBD count, this strain is highly recommended for medical patients who are in search of relief from aches, pains, nausea and feelings of sickness. People with epilepsy, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite and those undergoing chemotherapy.

What makes it so great?: This is the perfect strain for people who want low THC, big flavours, rich CBD counts and a strain that can enjoyed from day until night time. A boldly earthy flavour that has a pine and citrus twang that becomes more pronounced as buds cure.

Quote from a customer: “Top shelf, 100% germination. I have epilepsy so high cbd is very important to me and cannatonic delivers! Very nice buzz that’s not spacy, high last 20-30 minutes then fades gently to a cbd body buzz that lasts four hours, great strain for active people who don’t want to slow down. very large buds! About an ounce and a half per plant” – Richard C.

2022 Buyer’s Guide to Cannatonic Cannabis Seeds

CNBS’ exclusive buyer’s and grower’s guide to Cannatonic cannabis seeds. Learn everything about this highly potent CBD strain; including where to buy the best Cannatonic seeds and expert advice on how and where to grow them.

Cannatonic seeds are growing in popularity as they provide a beautiful crop of potent medical marijuana that is packed with health benefits. Instead of supplying a psychoactive headspace, these buds focus on relieving physical and mental stressors. Because of this, people are buying Cannatonic seeds by the boatload, even with THC heavy flowers leading the charge in the cannabis community.

These seeds can grow both indoors and outdoors and are resistant to pests. Thankfully, they’re not super tall and don’t take up a ton of space. Pair this with a pretty solid yield – and Cannatonic seeds are an absolute treat to grow. The only downside is they can fall victim to mildew and mold. However, most growers will have no problems with proper environmental conditions.

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A combination of royal lineage lends itself to abundant character, taste, and health benefits. This bud is typically a close hybrid between sativa and indica but gives thanks to its high CBD percentages for unique effects.

Want to add diversity to your garden? Grow some cannabis that is sure to impress those who haven’t enjoyed the wonders of a potent CBD heavy flower.

The Best Cannatonic Seeds to Buy Online

There are plenty of reputable companies selling different variations of this strain. Here are a few that have a great quality product:

  • Feminized Seeds, Cannabis Cup Winner
  • 8% THC, 8%+ CBD – Won’t Get You High
  • Medical Strain, Relaxation Effect
  • Suitable for Stress, Anxiety, and PTSD
  • Indica Dominant, Large Fluffy Buds
  • 300-400g/m², Flowering in 8-10 Weeks
  • Moderate Growing Difficulty
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

MSNL Cannatonic Feminized Seeds

Bred from award-winning genetics, MSNL’s Cannatonic feminized seeds are a medical phenomenon. This version boast of having 8% THC and 8%+ CBD, making it more balanced than most. The indica dominance of this hybrid variation helps growers achieve success much easier. These buds are great for waxes or cannabutter, allowing users to create their own medicine and method of intake.

This plant can grow around 150-180cm tall and responds well to SOG and SCROG setups. Growers can expect flowering around 8-10 weeks with yields ranging from 300 up to 400 grams per m 2 . Outdoor grows are also possible with these seeds – expect similar results with harvest landing in early October.

When it comes to appearance, large fluffy buds are painted with a variation of terpenes that gives them a nice white coating. After first look, the smells of sweet herbal and skunky tones creep into your nostrils to tell a story. Finally, this variation features a lovely smooth and balanced flavor profile that consists of an earthy taste with undertones of skunk and pine.

The effects are really the showstoppers here and the reason why people buy this helpful cannabis. Users report feeling ultimately relaxed which relieves a multitude of problems. Due to its 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, most people don’t feel the psychoactive effects of Cannatonic, which is beneficial for those who need to be productive and get things done. This can be especially helpful when treating physical aches and pains throughout the day.

Buy Online: MSNL Cannatonic Feminized Seeds – Shipping Worldwide.

How to Grow Cannatonic Seeds

Growing Cannatonic seeds is easy with a few tweaks in your set up. This strain prefers to grow indoors, but outdoor grows are quite possible. Here’s some information that will make your grow successful:

Where to Grow

For optimal results, one should grow Cannatonic plants in a dry climate (like Nevada for example). If you don’t have the luxury of growing outdoors in optimal conditions you can always replicate that environment inside. In fact, Cannatonic prefers indoor growth. This strain can be subject to mold and mildew so it’s nice to have complete control over your environment.

Cannatonic Cannabis Seeds – Big and Fluffy Buds

Grow Conditions to Regulate

Grow conditions vary depending on the type of strain, conditions, and grow operation you’re running, here are a few tips to help you grow the best Cannatonic seeds:

  • Humidity – Because of mold and mildew, best practices include regulating humidity levels. During your plants’ vegetative state, aim for 55-60% RH. Once flowering, the levels should be around 50%. Finally, once you’re about to harvest, drop the humidity below 40% or lower.
  • Temperature Growers should maintain an average temperature of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The moderate fluctuation of these temperatures is okay but try to keep them as normal as possible.
  • Grow medium – Both soil and hydroponic systems that feature different grow mediums work well for Cannatonic seeds. Soil has the benefit of being a bit more forgiving when it comes to feeding and nutrient levels, but there’s more flexibility with hydroponics systems. This strain isn’t particularly hard to grow, but you should figure out what works best for you.
  • Lighting Shoot for 18 hours of light in the first week and 12 for each week following. Finally, give it 10 hours of light during the final week of the flowering stage.
  • Feeding Plant nutrients depend highly on the grow medium you’ve selected. Research and regulate NPK ratios accordingly. Cannatonic plants respond well to a light feeding regimen that ramps up a few weeks into the vegetative stage. Otherwise, it should be business as usual when choosing a feeding regimen.
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Cannatonic Preventative Maintenance

Growing this strain is just fine for beginner to intermediate growers, but every grow presents its own set of problems. Here are a few tips to get the best Cannatonic harvest:

  1. Throughout your grow, you should be monitoring humidity and ensuring there is plenty of ventilation. Especially during flowering, you must continuously check for Botrytis, molds, and fungus. Infected flowers must be removed immediately from the growing area before they spread to your other Cannatonic plants.
  2. While this strain has good resistance to pests, it’s not invulnerable. Use a magnifier and check each plant every day for pesky pests.
  3. Cannatonic grows to medium heights and responds well to LST and Supercropping methods. Additionally, trimming and pruning particularly bushy areas early on will improve ventilation and stop extended growth of mold or mildew.
  4. During initial flowering stages, you should keep the grow room temperature around the same levels during light and darkness. If your temperature drops too much when it gets dark you can stress your Cannatonic plants out, making their yield less significant.

Harvest Time and Yield of Cannatonic Plants

Flowering lasts around 8-10 weeks. If you’re growing outdoors, you can expect harvest to occur around late October. Yields for both indoor and outdoor operations are typically medium-sized quantities.

Cannatonic Seeds – Moderate Growing Difficulty, Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

Cannatonic Strain 101

This wonderful strain is a perfect hybrid between sativa and indica, and features a rare 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Pair this combination with a sensory explosion, a rich history, and countless medical benefits, and the result is a product that is a must-have for anybody looking to add character to their garden. Here’s the rundown on Cannatonic:


Cannatonic is known as the CBD Queen of cannabis. It’s a hybrid from Spain’s Resin Seeds, which started their first dispensary in Barcelona with this bud being its centerpiece. While Spain isn’t a heavy hitter in the cannabis community, this is one of its gems. This strain burst onto the scene around 2008 and broke ground in a new way by introducing one of the first high-CBD cannabis strains ever. The cross between MK Ultra and G13 Haze is to thank for this award-winning variety.

Popularity and Awards

Resin Seeds believes in the medicinal properties of marijuana and wants to showcase them in most of their strains. The world agrees, with this strain winning tons of awards. Cannatonic or a close variation of it has placed in THIRTEEN different competitions around the world. Ten of those finishes happened to be first place, making this one of the most successful medical variations of cannabis on the planet.

Cannatonic Look, Taste, and Smell

  • Look – The visuals aren’t talked about often, but the buds are big and fluffy. They come dressed in lime green nuggets and are absolutely caked with terpenes. Lacking in density, Cannatonic buds are usually quite soft and leafy.
  • Smell – What you smell is what you get. These nugs are coated in a slight earthy odor that mimics the smell of tall healthy pine trees and freshly cracked pepper. Undertones of citrus fruit are present on the nose.
  • Taste – The flavor profile is muted, subtle, and quite tasty. A sweet herbal cocktail mixed with the aforementioned pine, pepper, and citrus.
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Cannatonic Medical Benefits

This strain truly unlocks the best medical benefits cannabis has to offer. How does Cannatonic accomplish this? By providing relieving power without the user falling victim to psychoactive dramatics. THC heavy plants can send the user into a trance at times. However, this strain features a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. This provides a deep body buzz that lulls patients into a state of relaxed euphoria.

As you can imagine, this is the perfect strain for those suffering from anxiety or depression. Because of the chilled headspace, Cannatonic is ideal for many sorts of mental ailments. This includes the likes of epilepsy, PTSD, and insomnia.

Cannatonic has a wide variety of terpenes that contribute to the “entourage effect”. This is where natural ingredients work together to enhance potency. The Cannatonic high, or nature’s ibuprofen, help those suffering from chronic pain who still need to function. Additionally, the active terpene B-Caryophyllene works as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cancer inhibitor, and surprisingly reduces cravings for alcohol in addicts.

MSNL Cannatonic Feminized Seeds – 300-400g/m², Flowering in 8-10 Weeks

Final Thoughts on Growing Cannatonic Seeds in 2022

We now have a solid idea on how to grow this medicinal powerhouse, what it provides to its patients, and why it’s so popular in 2022. If you have a controlled indoor environment, you should have no problem growing Cannatonic seeds. And with so many seed banks offering their version of this strain, buying Cannatonic seeds is easier now than ever before.

Marijuana started out as a healing herb and was turned into a recreational flower, and now is resurging for those who need treatment or recovery for a multitude of problems. Cannatonic is one of the best strains you can grow if you’d like to have superbly beneficial buds for your customers or even for yourself. Many strains of marijuana has the power to soothe its users, but only a few can provide treatment like Cannatonic.

Author: Jason Oliver
Jason is our master grower. He has been growing cannabis for almost 10 years and working in a commercial cannabis cultivation business as an external consultant for more than three years. Helping us with getting all the facts right, Jason shares his insights via in-depth grower’s and buyer’s guides which are advanced but yet easy to read and understand.
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Cannatonic strain

This plant combines the best of two supposed opposites. Cannatonic is an F1 hybrid created from a female MK Ultra and a long famous G13 Haze male. She grows medium sized and compact like an Indica and smells like a pure Sativa – her effect is unique: Cannatonic!

During the Spannabis Fair 2009 in Barcelona, two Cannatonic strain samples were tested at the “Canna” booth for their THC and CBD levels. The impressive result was the almost balanced ratio between the two active ingredients. A ratio that is very rarely found in cannabis plants. Cannatonic thus has a high medicinal value and can definitely compete with expensive pharmaceutical products that synthetically produce this THC:CBD ratio to guarantee this unique effect.

Please refer to the Cannatonic-Grow-Guide for optimal growing parameters. One important thing to keep in mind when growing this strain is to keep the lights higher than the typical distance from the canopy; this plant responds well to a higher light source. Good luck growing CBD Queen Cannatonic by Resin Seeds!