Can you get high off of weed stems and seeds

What you need to know about weed stems

Weed stems aren’t waste. There, we said it. They get a bad reputation because they don’t contain trichomes, which means they don’t have THC and won’t get you high. So, to many cannabis consumers, weed stems have no use and often get tossed in the trash. Nobody is interested in smoking stems. Everybody is interested in “smoking weed” (which, in this case, is the flower).

Cannabis stems and other plant fibers offer source material for textiles and commercial building materials. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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But the attitude that weed stems are useless stems (pun absolutely intended) from a misunderstanding of the very real value cannabis stems and other plant fibers offer — source material for textiles and commercial building materials.

This guide will help you understand what weed stems are, how to use them if you want to get the most out of your plant, and ways the construction and textiles industries are making use of weed stems and other cannabis fibers.

What are weed stems?

Cannabis plants have a lot of parts. Weed stems are the part of cannabis plants that support the flowers and leaves. The structure of the cannabis plant consists of the main stalk, similar to a tree trunk, with various branches and smaller stems that grow out to create the cannabis plant’s structure. Some cannabis strains have thick, stout stem structures, while others are thinner and taller.

Weed stems are the part of cannabis plants that support the flowers and leaves.

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Can I smoke weed stems?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Smoking stems won’t get you high. Smoking stems won’t enhance the flavor of your hit. Smoking stems will only serve to introduce into your lungs more plant material that’s potentially harsh and unpleasant. If you happen to get a piece of a stem into your grinder, don’t worry too much about it. But don’t go out of your way to grind stems to add to your cannabis flower thinking it will elevate your experience. It won’t.

Can I consume weed stems in other ways?

Should you grind up your stems and add them to your bowl? No. But that doesn’t mean stems can’t be used in a consumable preparation.

One of the more popular ways people use cannabis stems is to add them to cannabis tea. If you don’t have a tea bag handy, you can use a coffee filter or pair of unused nylon stockings to steep your flower-and-stem tea. Some people like the flavor of weed. Marijuana stems may not have trichomes but they do have essential oils. Adding stems will add flavor without adding THC.

One of the more popular ways people use cannabis stems is to add them to cannabis tea. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Can weed stems be added to topicals or edibles?

If you happen to have some weed stems, there’s no harm in adding them to flower and leaves when steeping a cannabis tincture. You can also include stems when making oil-based cannabis-infused concoctions. It’s best to make high-quality flower the feature ingredient if you’re looking to make potent edibles or topicals. But if you want to make use of your stems, it certainly can’t hurt to let them steep alongside your ground flower in topical or edible preparations. You can find many recipes online for cannabis-infused coconut oil, cannabutter, a cannabis cocktail or two, and other edible goods.

Can stems increase my cannabis concentrate yield?

Stems can be marginally useful in maximizing trichome yields for kief or bubble hash. Unless you’re a licensed manufacturer tumbling pounds at a time, it won’t help to add weed stems when you’re making kief or hash at home. While stems won’t turn a mediocre bubble hash yield into a spectacular one, trichomes are sticky and might have gotten attached to stems during processing. Including them helps get the most off the plant, but the amount of residual trichomes that may have gotten stuck on cannabis stalks or stems is negligible so place your hopes appropriately.

How are cannabis stems used commercially?

Beyond attempts to squeeze the last possible amount of THC out of weed, the fibrous plant material in hemp and marijuana, including weed stems, can be used to make hemp rope, hemp paper, wood chips, paper scraps, and even a plant-based concrete.

The textile industry has also historically used hemp as a substitute for cotton, and modern fashion has seen increased interest in hemp-based textiles for reasons of sustainability.

Sustainable agriculture means making better use of more leftover cannabis plant matter that doesn’t traditionally wind up in the jars that line dispensary storefronts.

Increasing marijuana legalization provides us the opportunity to look beyond the medical and adult-use benefits of the cannabis flower and toward the many benefits of cannabis as an agricultural commodity crop.

Instead of trying to smoke your stems, look to cannabis fiber-based goods, such as hemp paper, rope, fabric, and other textiles to support sustainable agriculture and promote the many beneficial qualities of cannabis that don’t come with a head change.

Does Chewing On Weed Stems Get You High?

If you’ve ever been short on bud, you may have considered toking or even chewing on the leftovers of your cannabis plant, like stems. Surely there must be some THC left in the stalk of the marijuana plant, right? Save yourself the trouble: smoking or eating your weed stems will do little for your buzz. Here’s why.

Chewing Weed Stems Gets You High: Myth or Reality?

Although there are some out there who claim to get high from chewing on leftover stems, this is a complete myth. Cannabis stems contain so little THC – which also hasn’t been activated with heat – that chewing on them in the hope of a little buzz will have zero results. Those who claim to get high from chewing weed stems are more than likely experiencing a placebo effect.

2 Main Reasons For Why Chewing On Raw Weed Stems Won’t Work

Eating weed stems will have the same effects as eating raw cannabis: none. Stems, like any other part of the marijuana plant, need to be decarbed – heated up for the activation of cannabinoids – for any effects to take place. We can take a further look to see exactly how and why eating raw stems will not get you high.

High THC Strains

First, Low THC Content

If you are wondering if eating weed stems will get you high, you might be disappointed. Stems have so little THC that you would need to consume an enormous quantity to feel the effects. Even smoking stems is not recommended at all and is the equivalent of smoking dried wood chippings – basically, far worse than smoking any kind of cannabis. If you want to consume stems at all, you must first decarb them, infuse them, and finally enjoy them as edibles. Our advice is: choose strains with high THC content for your next grow. Thus your stocks will last longer and you won’t need to use stems.

Second, Stems Need To Be Decarbed

Weed stems, like any other type of cannabis that can be eaten, need to be decarbed to activate the THC. To decarb your marijuana stems, heat them in an oven at 240°F (about 115°C) for about one hour. After decarbing, you can then use the stems for teas or infuse them further into a fatty substance (like milk, oil or butter). To increase the number of ways in which you can use your stems, simmer them in the fat of your choice for at least 30 minutes before adding it to any meal. Even after that, however, don’t expect a mind-blowing kick; the effects of decarbed stems will still be extremely mild.

Try These Ways To Consume Weed Stems Instead – They’ll Work

Even though chewing marijuana stems will not result in any psychoactive effects, there are other uses for your stems. Stems do contain minute amounts of THC, so if you save enough of them (several grams at least), you can use them to make stem tea, which is often regarded as the best use for your stems – just be sure to decarb your stems before consuming. You can also use your stems to make stem-infused alcohol, stem tinctures, stem-infused butter or stem hash.

Making Cannabis Butter with Stems

Cannabis Stems Aren’t Useless… But Don’t Eat Them Raw

Now that you know you needn’t bother with eating weed stems to get high, you can start saving them for a nice batch of stem butter, stem tea, or any other stem-infused product you like. Share your stem-infused recipes with your friends and break the myth that chewing on stems can give you any type of buzz. If you find yourself itching to smoke or eat your stems, it’s simply time for some new bud!