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In search of cannabis seeds

Hi everyone! I’m not sure if I’m allowed to request any spare seeds anyone may have but I am growing a back to Eden garden and am looking to grow a few cannabis plants for research purposes. Send me a message if you have any questions or if you can spare some seeds. TIA!

You can buy seeds online. It’s not illegal to purchase the seeds as there is no thc in them, it’s only illegal to grow for most states still. It’s a loophole that lets ppl buy “souvenirs” seeds from online sites or other countries

What is the safest way to buy seeds online?

Obviously I don’t want to be giving out my credit card information and address to get in trouble but I have never done this before, any tips?

I just took the plunge and assumed it was safe if everyone else is doing it. It worked out well so I guess my advice is don’t worry? Probably bad advice.

prepaid gift cards at walmart, there is like a 5 dollar charge for it. They only have like 25/50/100 cards, none of the set your amount type, at least not at my walmart. i’d use attitude seedbank if i were you, they have guaranteed shipping options.

Questions about buying seeds. Should I buy feminized seeds? If I live in the US is it safe to order seeds online?

Fems all the way.. and as far as if it’s safe to order in the states. I feel it’s safe but you still never know what could happen. The chances of the law setting up an elaborate/expensive sting and borrowing the ups truck to deliver your 4 seeds seems highly unlikely. Now I don’t know how I’d feel about ordering a high quantity. They catch a box with hundreds of seeds in it they may just be curious who could be needing that much to work with. I’ve heard most people get their seeds the first time and if not attitude will work it out. JUST BE SURE YOU GET THE GUARANTEE! The stealth packaging I have seen was honestly pretty impressive. If you didn’t know you’d never have found the ones in my shipment. Hell, I almost didn’t find them!

yes you should buy feminized. yes its safe to order seeds online through a trusted seedbank.

Just to be clear, because I’ve never heard of feminized seeds, I shouldn’t have to worry about looking for males, right?

I feel really stupid asking that question but wanted to make sure.

cool, so exciting, thank you!

Hey fellow Oregonian! I’m in the same boat as you. I started planning out my grow on Tuesday night. lol.

I still have a lot of research to do but I figure I’ve got enough time between now and July to research, plan, purchase gear, and generally be ready to hit the ground running come July 1.

I’ve been looking at seedbanks and damn, they seem really expensive. I mean $20+ for ONE seed? Ideally I would like to start with clones, which I’m guessing will be available when the retail shops start opening, but that’s not going to happen for a while so I will have to start with seeds.

I’ve been grinning ear to ear all week. I’m seriously so excited to be able to legally grow my own herb, I can barely contain myself.

Good luck with your grow!

$20 for a seed is on the reasonable/cheaper side. Look at it this way: one good female seed could supply you with clones for A LONG time. It’s only a “one-time” thing if you let it be a one time thing. Good genetics are costly but you’d be better off getting a pack of cheaper seeds and not feeling guilty when you make mistakes on your first grow. I have some good seeds that I ordered that I’m saving for when I’m more experienced. I’d feel bad if I were making amateur mistakes on expensive seeds.

Do some research on auto flower seeds too. They can’t be cloned but you’ll see smokable bud faster than photoperiod and you don’t have to worry about light cycles or topping.

Edit: clones are going to be $20-40 a piece after taxes, by the way. Medical clones now are usually about $10-15 each in Oregon.