Buddha’s tooth seeds

Buddha’s Tooth Marijuana Strain

Buddha’s Tooth is an inspiring, social strain engineered by Phantom Farms. It’s a cross of the ever-popular Blue Dream and the hippie-dippy Diesel strain, Dharma Diesel. This predominantly sativa cross offers invigorating physical and mental effects along with an enticing floral scent, making Buddha’s Tooth a perfect alternative for social gatherings. These inspiring effects also imbue the consumer with transcending energy that keeps the mind or far hard to notice while playfully prodding creativity.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Buddha’s Tooth strain is best described as Citrus, Violet, and Pine.

Buddha’s tooth seeds

For those with a sweet tooth and lovers of sweet genetics, Buddha Auto Zkitt arrives to infuse your palate with a rainbow of fruity flavors. So it’s no coincidence that this indica strain is a full-fledged nod to the famous North American Skittles candies. In Buddha Seeds our goal is to revolutionize your taste buds so that your experience is as pleasant as possible. Because who doesn’t like sweets?

With Buddha Zkitt we have further enhanced the palette of nuances of these popular American genetics. Notes of berries, mango and grapefruit stand out. An appetizing treat to taste at any time. But like all sweets we recommend not to abuse: its effects begin with a quick blow and lead to a relaxing body sensation. Unlike the highs of an indica, Buddha Auto Zkitt takes you to a state of serenity and absolute happiness in which you can stay, so comfortable, for a few hours.

Regarding its morphology, this cannabis candy is discreet in height, ideal for indoor SOG crops. It will surprise you with its multiple tight and resinous buds with a strong sweet aroma. Indoor will be the closest thing to a candy store! Of course, we recommend a minimum curing of one month, so that you can appreciate this rainbow of flavors in its maximum splendor. So just imagine the flavors that await you if you extend the shelf life!

Buddha Auto Zkitt does not require excessive care, so its cultivation is suitable for both beginners and professionals. This variety is very resistant and to get better performance and maximize results we recommend applying cultivation techniques. You will notice it in your harvest with an approximate indoor production between 450-500g / m2.

On the other hand, you should not neglect its diet, since this plant is somewhat devouring, especially of sugars.

Buddha Auto Zkitt will become a delight so that every day you have your sweetest moment.