Bubba diesel seeds

Bubba Diesel

This is a very strong and impressive strain. The hybrid waves were quite pronounced but not uncomfortable or meddling. The high was still clear while the medicine worked well for body aches, muscle tension, and pain relief.



Bred by Scott Reach of Rare Dankness


Medium density and covered in beautiful trichomes. Coloration is shades of green and very fuzzy orange pistils.


Sweet eucalyptus scent that was tantalizing. A truly wonderful smell regardless of its source.


We got multiple reports of a sweet fertilizer taste, even a dark berry hint, but overall it was agreed that while the flavor was still very pleasant it was certainly the weakest mark of the group.


A cerebral, enlightening feeling hits almost instantly while body heat, perspiration, and heart rate all noticeably increase. As the the medication sets in the mind and body begin to move in slow motion. The sativa and indica effects in this strain seemed at constant battle, trading dominance back and forth. Half way through a slight couch or chair session are in order as the indica emerges. Towards the end one regains mental sharpness and finds motivation. A nice surplus of energy emerges as you hit the road to sobriety.

Bubba Diesel Strain

Bubba Diesel is a premium 50/50 hybrid with a stellar heritage of classic cannabis parents. Bubba Diesel has a consistently high THC content, a unique flavor profile, aromas of decadence, and well-balanced effects. Bubba Diesel is a popular cannabis strain, loved by both consumers and patients love the floral, skunky, and still sweet flavor.

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Bubba Diesel is perfectly balanced with indica and sativa genetics, making it an ideal strain for many types of consumers!

Overview of Bubba Diesel

Bubba Diesel is the child of two world-renowned strains of cannabis from both sides of the spectrum. With both indica and sativa genetics, Bubba Diesel is the perfect balance of both types of cannabis. Typically testing around 17%-24% THC, Bubba Diesel can be a heavy hitter without putting you on the couch. Bubba Diesel is a first-class strain that combines the best of both cannabis worlds!

Potential Effects of Bubba Diesel

Consumers usually report a well-rounded high that is never too much of a body high or a head high. In fact, many consumers describe the high from Bubba Diesel as being euphoric, happy, and slightly energizing. This hybrid generally hits pretty quick with sativa effects and ends with a creeping indica body high.

Potential Negative Effects of Bubba Diesel

The adverse effects of Bubba Diesel are no different from other cannabis strains. Since it is a hybrid, Bubba Diesel does not tend to cause as much paranoia like other strains. The most common negative effects of Bubba Diesel are going to be dry eyes and dry mouth. These symptoms are quickly relieved with some quality eye drops and a full glass of water!

Lineage of Bubba Diesel

Bubba Diesel is a perfect 50/50 hybrid that comes from a cross between Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. Two iconic strains in the cannabis world came together to create Bubba Diesel. This phenomenal strain is one of the more popular crosses from sour diesel and does a great job of bringing citrus flavors into a heavy indica. Bubba Diesel is one of the most popular crosses on the market. It is also common to hear Bubba Diesel go by the names Sour Bubba, Big Bubba Diesel, or even Bubba D.

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Growing Bubba Diesel

Bubba Diesel is a moderately tricky strain to grow both indoors and outdoors. With a mild yield and an average flowering time, commercial growers are not too fond of Bubba Diesel. However, any home grower would undoubtedly appreciate the challenge of Bubba Diesel. Plus, it puts off a pungent, skunky, floral, and sweet aroma that is bound to make you spend more time with your plants.

Where to Find Bubba Diesel

Bubba Diesel is widespread in Colorado, Washington, Michigan, and Oregon. However, Canadian Provinces tend to have more Bubba Diesel in their dispensaries.

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