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Quality kiss-cut, vinyl decal, Crystal Blue Persuasion stickers. Removable and super stickery. Perfect for phone cases, laptops, journals, guitars, refrigerators, windows, walls, skateboards, cars, bumpers, helmets, water bottles, hydro flasks, computers, or whatever needs a dose of originality. Available in white or transparent. 4 sizes available.

Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Blue Persuasion Strain

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Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds

You don’t want to be persuaded to grow Blue Persuasion Feminized cannabis seeds for no reason. These marijuana seeds are perfect for connoisseurs of both sweet and sour strains as this cannabis plant will give you an equal mix of both tastes. And the potency? Well it’s about as strong as a tropical storm with a ferocious hit that will have your head spinning.

The taste of Blue Persuasion strain is a really nice combination of earthy and sour tastes. But there’s something special about how it smells so you’ll probably get more of an aftertaste than anything else. You will detect hints of freshness like lavender and pine needles with an undercurrent of fruitiness.

Blue Persuasion has a very nice oak and herbs smell that is followed by a piney scent. You’ll probably detect the aroma even before you start growing this strain so if it smells great to you then Blue Persuasion marijuana is definitely for you.

This is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica which means it has either more Sativa than Indica or vice versa. But this cannabis plant is both uplifting and relaxing so you can expect a pleasant experience no matter what. Its physical traits are a bit more obvious as the buds are a green/blue color with lots of orange hairs.

Blue Persuasion cannabis has a 23% THC level which is pretty high. But the CBD content is less than 2% which means it can be very powerful for some people. If you’ve never tried weed before then it’s best to start at lower doses but if you’re an experienced smoker then it shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Effects Of Our Blue Persuasion Strain

Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds have a very high THC content which means they are incredibly potent. If you’re new to smoking weed then you should probably try something else with lower THC levels. But if you like the thought of having an intensely strong experience then this strain is perfect for you.

It starts out with a cerebral effect that can sometimes make you feel a bit nauseous if you’re not used to it. But this high will slowly start moving down towards your body and provide you with a strong sensation of euphoria before tapering off after about 2 hours.

Blue Persuasion is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from depression. The initial cerebral high will somehow make your problems temporarily fade away and the strain’s sedative properties will help you drift slowly into a deep sleep.

If you’re looking for a strain that helps stimulate your appetite then this isn’t the one for you. There are other strains out there that will help with this symptom but this weed acts in the opposite way. It might suppress your appetite but if it doesn’t then at least you’ll be aware of how calm you are.

Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds are really good for dealing with pain and the strong cerebral effects will help you forget about it. In fact, you might even drift off to sleep as your body feels pleasantly relaxed. While this isn’t the best marijuana strain for treating chronic pain it’s still worth a shot.

How Does Blue Persuasion Strain Grow?

Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds are moderately difficult to grow. You can expect your plant’s flowers to be ready for weed consumption in about 9 weeks which isn’t too bad. Make sure you have a good ventilation system if you’re growing indoors and use lighting that minimizes heat buildup.

This strain is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. If you’re growing weed indoors then make sure you have a good ventilation system to control temperature while avoiding too much heat buildup. Outdoors will be more likely to attract predators but if you can plant marijuana near tall plants then it might not be an issue.

Blue Persuasion has a plant height of about 4-5 feet so it’s not too big. But if you’re trying to keep it hidden then make sure you plant your weed near tall plants or under them so it isn’t easily spotted.

The buds on this plant are a beautiful green color with hints of blue and orange hairs. These will be surrounded by long light green leaves that don’t have many spots or discoloration which makes them easy to trim.

This strain doesn’t have many male flowers which means you’ll only find the buds on female plants. There aren’t any seeds so if you’re growing weed then it’s best to buy feminized seeds or clones.

Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds take about 9 weeks to flower when grown indoors. But if you’re growing weed outside then you’ll want to harvest in the middle of October before the weather gets too cold.

Blue Persuasion strain has a surprisingly large yield. You can get anywhere from 300-350 grams/m² when growing weed indoors and an average of 350 grams per plant outdoors. Just make sure you have some good ventilation if you’re growing indoors to avoid burning out your plants too fast.

History of Blue Persuasion Strain

The history of Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds shows how it is created from crossing classic strains together. The father of the weed is Northern Lights and the mother is Blueberry. But this strain actually has White Widow’s genes too which was used as a “stealth” technique to help prevent early detection.

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6 reviews for Blue Persuasion Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Blue Persuasion Strain

Steve Sand – January 14, 2022

Blue Persuasion is a classic strain that makes it feel like you are floating on a cloud made of weed dust, and just meandering your way into the outer reaches of the atmosphere. Cause IDK growing your own weed is waaaay better, and it saves you money, like a lotta dough! Ordering online is simple and fast, and it all delivers in this nice little discreet package, so it’s totally fine or whatev!

Frankie Apples – January 18, 2022

OMGGGG This Blue Persuasion weed is just so amazing! Its so fluffy and colorful, like little green pillows, and it’s a little fuzzy and it smells good too. I am pretty stoked about this stuff, helps me get real stoned in the PM with my gf and my dog. Love cooking food and watching some sitcoms when I get back, we all need some escape during this time, and this mj has been a great relief to me!

Rose Rase – February 2, 2022

Get on board with this Blue Persuasion strain, it’s seriously nice and relaxing and helps me deal with all kinds of things, and I get really stoned and hungry and I go to Denny’s and get their pancakes at 3 am and smoke cigarettes indoors, and it’s a bygone era, and a place where I can just drink coffee till 4 am and then drive home and watch the sunrise, pretty awesome stuff, you know?

Zorbia Jef – February 9, 2022

I was never the kind of person that would grow marijuana on my own, but I thought it might be a fun quarantine project and it absolutely is! I ordered Blue Persuasion online and got it delivered to my home in the fastest way possible, I was so excited to get growing. Got a very nice grow, a nice yield, and a very fresh and solid crop. Made for a great buy, and an excellent way to get outdoors, plus it’s super good which is the best!

Isa Misa – March 23, 2022

This Blue Persuasion is one of my all-time favorite strains…makes for a nice buy too, cause it’s so darn productive and is absolutely amazing. Ordered nline, got the seeds delivered to my home, and they all arrived beautifully.

Sally Wallace – April 6, 2022

I think this Blue Persuasion strain is a little stronger than I was expecting, but I am still pretty into it. I thought maybe I was gonna have trouble growing this at home, but I actually found it to be very rewarding and it smells just amazing. Turns out I have quite the green thumb.