Blizzard berry seeds

Blizzard berry seeds

Russian varieties such as:
Blue Belle™ (Tomchika)
Cinderella (Zoluska)
Berry Smart Blue
(aka Czech #17/Berry Blue™/
Honeysweet™) -long bloom
Sugar Mountain Blue™ (fast bloom from Czech Republic)
Blue Bird™ (Sinyaya Ptitsa) -short bloom
Blue Forest™ (Madagan)
Blue Lightning™ (Zarnitsa)
Blue Nova™ (Novinka)
Blue Sky™ (Valery #2) -short bloom
Smokey Blue™ (Dimka)
Polar Bear™
Polar Jewel™

Blue Banana -short bloom

Early Blue™ & Sunrise™
(at U Kentucky trials they bloom alongside Borealis in USDA zones 2-5 Mid varieties overlap 90-95% with most early bloomers for good pollination (except when early bloomer has short bloom time):
Honey Bee* – zone 4 and warmer starts several days later, zone 8 Netherlands starts concurrant or a bit later than Blizzard or even after Beauty, depending on year

Mid-Late Start blooming after the first Mid varieties:

Boreal Blizzard*
-80% overlap with Tundra/Indigo/etc.
-poor fruit set with Aurora
-Honey Bee is compatible

Boreal Beast*
-starts same as Blizzard
-stops 5-7 days later than Blizzard (U of S data)

Boreal Beauty*
-starts 4-5 days later than Blizzard/Beast start some years

zone 6b, 2021 Pennsylvania: April 11 Blizzard/Beast/Beauty blooming, no lates are blooming
zone 6b, 2021 Pennsylvania: April 19 Solo/Maxie/etc/Bunny Blue/Strawberry Sensation blooming, Beauty finishing
zone 7a, 2021 Layton, Utah: end of April Beauty started blooming, Solo a couple days later
zone 3, 2019 Minnesota: Beauty starts a week after Aurora/Blizzard/Beast start
zone 2 Saskatoon, SK: Beauty starts 4-5 days after Aurora/Blizzard stop and some years starts 1 week after Tundra/Indigo stops (U of S data)

a few days later followed by:

Blue Hokkaido™
Blue Pacific™ (F1-9-58)
Blue Pagoda™
Blue Velvet™ (Kiev No. 8)

Honey Bunch™
Sugar Pie™
Pirika (Thompson)
Strawberry Sensation (approximate)
& Bunny Blue, Blue Treasure, Giant’s Heart etc (Berries Unlimited)

Selections that are known to be somewhat self pollinating:
Indigo Gem

04-22: Zone 5 – Sandy, UT – Tundra, Aurora and Blizzard are just starting to bloom as of a couple days ago. Beauty looks to be about a week away from blooming and the Maxine and BU Japanese varieties are only just starting to bud so they look they won’t bloom for another 2 to three weeks. There wasn’t quite as much spread last year. I think the heat just fooled the early ones into blooming too soon.
04-26: Zone 5 – Sandy, UT – Keiko, Tana, Strawberry Sensation and Maxie finally started to bloom here in the last couple of days. There are still some last blossoms hanging around on Blizzard, Aurora, Tundra, Borealis and Cinderella, but they are pretty much finished and have berries growing on them.
04-29: Zone 5 – Ann Arbor, MI – Czech17, aurora, boreal beast, boreal blizzard, boreal beauty, honey bee, and indigo gem are blooming. Kawai, keiko, tana are close to flowering but they have not opened yet.

Bloom Data from Zone 3, Bagley, MN (The Honeyberry Farm)
– note that honeyberries send out a few initial early blossoms, dates noted below, but can take up to 3 weeks for all blossoms to open, depending on variety and weather.

2022 – cool wet/snowy/rainy April, only 4 sunny days, highs mostly 30s, freezing most nights
04-23 – 58F first warm day, rain helped melt the snow
04-24 – 48F buds swelling on earlies
05-03 – last hard frost, warming up to 60s and 70s
05-10 – 53F first blooms on Czech #17 & Blue Sky
05-12 – All the very earlies putting out blooms
05-15 – first blooms on Aurora and Honey Bee
05-19 – Blue Sky 90%, other earlies half or more, first blooms on Blizzard and Beast
05-22 – first bloom on Kawai and Chito (but only one or two blooms)
05-23 – Juneberries burst open (after a cooler week and the last couple light frosts)
05-26 – Blue Sky almost finished blooming, Blizzard and Beast with quite a few, Kawai 10%, Chito 1%, cherries blossoming
05-28 – Blue Sky finished, Kawai 20%, Chito 2%, 88-92 2%, Blue Moon first blossom
05-29 – 3rd day of high 70s, Beauty and all lates are starting to bloom

2017 “Blossom Tour May 14
Picture Gallery
04-17: early – first blossoms (1% blossoms open on bushes)
04-26: ice for 2 days (3% open)
05-04: early – full bloom, mid – some bloom
05-10: early – mid in full bloom, Solo 20% bloom, Maxie 0%
05-17: early – mid 10-30% finishing, Solo 100% in bloom, Maxie and other late bloomers ~50% in bloom
06-05: first early berries turn purple
06-16: 70% early berries turned blue
06-25: started harvesting early berries Berry Blue, Indigo Gem, Tundra
06-28: started Borealis harvest
07-10: Aurora and Honey Bee ripening
07-13: harvested Maxie 15 Brix (nicely ripe)
07-16: harvested Honey Bee (very ripe but still fairly firm and very good)

05-06: Tundra/Indigo Gem
05-08: other very early varieties
05-13: up to 75% blooms open on early varieties
05-14: Borealis, Honey Bee and Solo(TM) blossoms open
05-15: a lot of blossom drop on early varieties indicating good pollination
05-16: Kawai(TM)
05-26: Berry Smart Blue, Aurora, Borealis, Honey Bee, Tundra and Indigos 95% or more done, Thompson plants still blooming

2019 – long cool April, bloomed quickly when weather hit 50s F and nights above freezing in mid May
05-09: Berry Smart Blue (aka Czech #17), Blue Bird, Indigo Gem
05-12: All early varieties, bumble bees buzzing
05-14: Aurora, Borealis, Honey Bee, Blizzard (also Nanking Cherry)
05-20: Beauty (data on Beast unavailable) (apricot) – all honeyberry bushes still have some unopened blossoms
05-20: native Amelanchier alnifolia – juneberries (Canadian saskatoons still not open)
05-23: Blue Mist, Kawai, Solo, 85-19
05-25: Maxie, Tana
05-27: Chito, Honey Bunch, 85-19, Pirika, Taka, Sugar Pie, Blue Moon, Blue Hokkaido, Blue Pagoda, (Juliet cherry)
05-28: Keiko, (Carmine Jewel cherry)
06-02: Earlies 90% finished, Boreal Blizzard/Beauty/Beast and other lates full bloom
06-06: Carmine Jewel cherries 90% finished, Evans full bloom
06-07: First purple berries on Cinderella, Sugar Mountain Blue, Tundra (but very few)
06-10: Lates 95% finished

2020 – mild winter, cool April until 04-25 when weather hit 50s F followed by 2 weeks 40s
04-26: 60’s F 05-01: Tundra, Berry Smart Blue (aka Czech #17) followed by slow down – cool days in 40’s & 50’s F
05-05: Earlies all have a few blossoms open, Aurora & Honey Bee do not
05-10: Aurora/Honey Bee start
05-14: 60’s F – Blizzard starts, Czech #17 around 50%
05-17: Most earlies still around 50%, Aurora followed by Honey Bee Xxx

Boreal Blizzard

Upright with vigorous growth habit. Strong branching structure and develops dome shape crown. Large and sweet / flavoursome berries.

Qty Price
1-49 $9.99
50-99 $6.69
100-499 $5.49
500-999 $4.69
+1000 $3.99


Overview: Spring 2016. Large and sweet/flavoursome berries
Origin: 50% Japanese and 50% Russian
Plant Size and Shape: Width 5 feet x Height 5 feet. Upright with vigorous growth habit. Strong branching structure and develops dome shape crown.
Productivity: 10 pounds in fourth or fifth grow year
Needed Pollinator: Any other unrelated Honeyberry cultivar blooming at a similar time. UoS recommends – Tundra, Aurora, Honey Bee and Indigo Gem
Harvest Window: Midseason within general mid June to mid July window
Other harvest notes: Harvest at Brix of 15 plus. Machine harvestableBerry Size:3.0cm plus (about 1 inch plus). 2.8 to 3.9 grams
Shape: Long oval – berry shape 12
Stem Scar: Dry when ripen
Hardiness: Zones 2-4, 3-7 in the East coast, 5-9 in the West coast, 2-7 in central part of North America
Chilling Hours required: 1,000 to 1,200 plus hoursFlowers bloom:April
Soil pH: Tolerates 5 to 7, but ideal 6.4 and Soil type: Natural rich balanced and fungal soil
Planting time: Fall preferred
Plant spacing: 4 to 5 feet. Avoid aggressive tilling under maturing bushes, as damages the carpet type roots and Row spacing: 10 to 12 feet
Pruning: Annual pruning not required. After 10 years of fruiting consider cutting back the central woody stems to about one and a half feet

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