Bleugenius seeds

Bleugenius – Autoflower

This highly coveted autoflower produces some of the most gorgeous flowers of any autoflower on the planet.

This highly coveted autoflower produces some of the most gorgeous flowers of any autoflower on the planet. Lime green leaves extend from bursting purple hemp flowers that smell of tropical gas. Expect a field of mixed phenos, with roughly 50% being superb for smokable flower and the rest great for biomass or pre-roll product.

Heritage: Unknown Israeli Strain

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Full Lineup Planted

We are quickly approaching harvest time for the first batch of our light dep hemp flower crop and we can’t wait to get a taste of these buds! The tarp crew has been hard at work pulling tarps twice a day and getting out there in the early morning hours.

Now that we are fully planted and growing it’s time to share the rest of our lineup for 2020! If you need to catch up on whats already been announced, check out our last post.

I’m particularly excited for the full lineup of SOUR strains we were lucky enough to get our hands on from Oregon CBD Seeds! Each time I read these strain names my mouth starts to water , no joke! Oregon CBD strains have been a staple in our field since we started so it will be interesting to compare the classic versions with their sour counterparts. We’re super grateful for these and many thanks to Oregon CBD Seeds for sending them our way!

Another strain we are really looking forward to this year is Blue DelicaC. We picked this strain up through Infinite Tree and it was the last strain that made it into our light dep crop. So what makes this strain so special? It is potent in CBC! I’m already dreaming about the kief we will pull from these plants! Thanks Infinite Tree!

Now let’s read on for the lineup! ->

BLUE DELICAC [INFINITE TREE] [CBC/CBD] An intriguing cannabinoid profile sets this strain apart from the rest, testing high in CBC and CBD. Heavy blueberry and raspberry aromas are complimented with a tight bud structure and glossy resin production.

AUTO CBG [OREGON CBD SEEDS] [CBG] A vigorous auto flowering variety high in CBG.





PEACH MINT KUSH [VALHALLA PHARMS] [CBD] Ripened peaches misted with mint.

PRUNO [CBD] [TAPROOT SEEDS] [CBD] A citrus and berry nose followed by notes of cheese and pepper exude from large chunky, crystal covered nugs.

CHERRY CHOC CHIP [TAPROOT SEEDS] [CBD] A deep hashish chocolate aroma complimented with a soft cherry undertone.

ORANGE GLAZE [TAPROOT SEEDS] [CBD] Large, dense buds smelling of sugary sweet citrus.

MATTERHORN [HIGH GRADE HEMP SEED] [CBG] Vivid notes of citrus with scents of lemon and lime.