Banana milk seeds

All About Banana Milk Weed Strain

Banana Milk is a hybrid weed that was created by Alien Labs. Its parent strains are Banana OG and Purple Punch F2, which gives it a very fruity lineage. Other than its taste, the Banana Milk strain is also known for its moderate THC content that rests between 18% and 22%. The CBD content in this weed is low, while the CBG content can be as high as 1.83%. Keeping this CBD/CBG/THC ratio in mind, it may not be a good idea for complete beginners to smoke some of its buds as it can produce quite a heavy high.

Taste and Smell

This cannabis is known mostly for its taste. It has a very fruity flavor that combines the tastes of berries, bananas, and grapes with some flowery notes. The aroma is similar to the taste – mostly fruity with some flowery hints. This combination of taste and aroma makes Banana Milk a very popular strain among cannabis connoisseurs.

Effects of the Strain

By combining the properties of Indica and Sativa, this weed provides a balanced effect of euphoria, relaxation, and creativity. Users also report feeling giggly after smoking this marijuana. After some time, the body starts going into a relaxing state, at which point users start feeling sedated.

Because of these effects, this strain can be great for treating chronic pain and depression. It can also be helpful for people suffering from insomnia. Like most other hybrid strains, Banana Milk can also lead to headaches and paranoia if not used carefully.

Growing Information

It is not difficult to grow this plant from its seeds. The flowering time is between 75 and 83 days, and it can be grown indoors or outdoors. The yield outdoors is better than indoors, so if you have space, plant the seeds outside.

Banana milk seeds

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Expecting a thick banana smoothie with fake banana flavor? That doesn’t fly over here at Mooala. Our Original Bananamilk has a mild, approachable banana flavor so it can be enjoyed like any plant-based or dairy milk. Plus, it has the aroma of banana bread, so have your bananas and drink them too . You can feel confident with every sip knowing there is no added sugar and each cup serving is a good source of calcium and has 350mg of potassium. It’s sure to be a family favorite. Stock your pantry today!

Note: this product is shelf-stable and can be left in your pantry until you take your first sip! Always best served cold.



What’s Bananamilk?

We make Bananamilk, not banana milk, which means our Bananamilk is free of dairy, nuts, soy, gluten and carrageenan. Bananamilk is a creamy Plant-Based dairy alternative that you can enjoy just like any plantmilk; in smoothies, incorporated into baked goods, over cereal or overnight oats, in coffee, or by the glass.

How is Bananamilk Made?

Our homemade recipe fuses organic bananas and organic roasted sunflower seeds with a dash of cinnamon. It’s truly nut-free and dairy-free.

How Does Bananamilk Compare to Other Plant-Milks?

Original Bananamilk is nut-free and dairy-free, with no added sugar. As a bonus, each cup serving is a great source of calcium and has 350mg of potassium. If you’re into liquid banana bread, this plantmilk is made for you.

We believe in the Organic difference*, in bottle size that works for the whole family, and at a price point that won’t break the bank. We use USDA-Organic bananas and sunflower seeds in each bottle of Bananamilk.

  • *Did you know Organic is a step above non-GMO? Organic products are always non-GMO, but non-GMO is not always Organic. Organic products are grown without the use of most synthetic pesticides and in a sustainable way to protect soil quality. The rules on non-GMO are much looser.

How to Use Bananamilk

You can use Bananamilk the same way you use any non-dairy milk product, or even dairy, for that matter. Pour it over your favorite bowl of cereal, add it to your morning smoothie or protein shake, grab a glass to enjoy with your favorite nut butter and jam sandwich, and you can even use Bananamilk to lighten your coffee… c’mon, be bananas with us! Check out our recipes to get inspired today!

Bananamilk Sugar Content

While bananas have a bad rap for being sugar kings, our Bananamilks are not loaded with sugar. In fact, our best-selling Original Bananamilk doesn’t have any added sugar, only 4 grams of sugar per serving, from the bananas themselves.

What’s the consistency of Bananamilk?

It’s not thick like a smoothie, and it’s not watery. The consistency sits perfectly in between, similar to the consistency of 2% dairy milk. Of course, minus the dairy.

Are there other allergens present at your manufacturing facility?

We know that folks are often purchasing our Bananamilk products for major allergen-sensitive family members, which is why we take our production process seriously. We use a rigorous CIP (clean-in-place) sterilization process on the equipment after running any major allergens and then test each production run for the Major 8 allergens before releasing the product. This process alerts us to any cross-contamination issues while the product is still in the facility, allowing you to feel confident and safe purchasing Bananamilk for your household. If you have any other allergen or product-related questions, don’t hesitate to send us a note!

How is Original Bananamilk Shelf-Stable?

Our Original Bananamilk uses the same recipe that you find in our refrigerated version! Which means there are no additional stabilizers or fillers. Our shelf-stable Original Bananamilk is packaged in a manner that allows minimal light into the packaging, enabling the Bananamilk to be safely stored at room temperature. Shipped in a pack of 6, each carton can be left in your pantry until its best by date; once open, place the carton in the fridge to maintain koala-ty freshness.