Bahama blizzard seeds

Sugarbud Bahama Blizzard #11 25%THC 2.3 TERPS

Right off the bat I gotta say this is some high moisture content and some super sticky icky weed, just barely handling it was getting finger rub.

Opening this is a myrcene mess it’s so over powering the smell. You guys know I like my comparisons so this really reminds me of cake skunk from coast mountain cannabis there both really high in myrcene so you get that pungent skunk smell. It’s a fantastic smell.

Effects were pretty good felt intense in a bit of a jittery way but after 20 minutes or so it was all relaxing from there on out.

As far as the bud goes it’s difficult to roll a joint from this weed because it’s so sticky and busting turns out very compact but regardless I got a nice joint outa it and smoke was really nice flavour and smooth.

Overall I think sugarbud is a very good Lp that puts out some of the best on the market and I think a lot of people sleep on them thinking there just another random Lp but there not, there putting out top quality just like organnicraft/blkmkt/simply bare/ etc also at a far better price then the others.

Seeds Here Now was built on the principles of making medical quality cannabis seeds and providing the best customer service in the industry.

Oh my!
I’m thinking tomorrow is gonna go down in seed drop history
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