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South African Cannabis Entrepreneur Snags GGG NFT Seed Auctions

GLADWIN, Mich. , June 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Establishing a new era in the emerging legal cannabis industry, a South African businessman, Matt Benas , outbid everyone in an historic NFT (non-fungible token) auction for two rare packs of seeds and their associated artworks from Gage Green Group.

The legendary master breeders of GGG made history by pioneering an innovative fusion of fine art, digital currency and luxury cannabis. Gage used an NFT auction to release their latest creations: ▲ R I S E and BURN, both accompanied by original works of art by Gage’s founder, Jeff Selsor .

Matt Benas paid $11,500 USD, or 5.5 ETH, to secure the first NFT art and cannabis genetic transaction in history.

Legendary cannabis breeders sell world’s first NFT authenticated cannabis strain to an entrepreneur in South Africa.

This monumental transaction marks several firsts. ▲ R I S E and BURN are the first cannabis strains of their kind memorialized forever on the blockchain. This is also the first time GGG released seeds for only one exclusive owner to cherish. “This is the future, and we are positioning ourselves to take full advantage of the unique value of the strain and the artwork,” says GGG Partner, Michael Fong .

Matt Benas is an ambitious young businessman residing in South Africa. As a born entrepreneur, Matt has been creating businesses since childhood: web development, home renovation, and frozen food distribution. He is currently the CEO of which customizes high performance vehicles.

Clearly a modern-day Renaissance man, Matt has also excelled in cannabis as well. Says Benas, “We are immensely excited about the vast potential this partnership has to offer and are thrilled to work with such visionaries.”

Cannabis aficionados have long applauded Gage’s legendary genetics. The creative forces behind GGG, Mike Fong and Jeff Selsor , have dedicated themselves to crafting flowers and seeds in a natural organic farming ecosystem known as the GGG BIODOME, a manifestation of centuries of combined experience to bring forth Heaven on Earth. Together, they have created 200+ unique crosses including Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath , Mango Puff, High School Sweetheart, & more.

Gage is embarking on a dynamic entry into the evolving cannabis market via a range of strategic partnerships designed to introduce the world to the finest craft cannabis.

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