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49 North has been investing in early stage, high growth, junior resource ventures and ideas since 2005. We seek out and invest in all sectors of mineral exploration as well as oil and gas exploration and production around the globe. 49 North has additional abilities to foster company growth and development with financial, managerial, geological and merchant banking advisory services.

We are opportunistic, pursuing high growth potential projects and ideas investing along side the best explorationists, entrepreneurs and business people. Investing begins for us at the earliest stages often at the seed capital or private phases. We follow on by supporting our investments through their growth and development periods.

Investors can get in on 49 North’s participation in the creation, seed funding, growth and final liquidity event of junior resource companies – along side a management team with a solid track record of generating returns with their investments.

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Tree Seedling Sale 2021

Residents can look for the program to open for orders again in January 2022.

Due to a high level of interest last year, Athabasca County is offering tree seedlings on a pre-order and pre-pay basis to be delivered in May 2021. There are 14 species of trees being offered to residents of Athabasca County. The quantities and prices per bundle vary so please consult the order sheet to confirm this information.

Order Details

  • Only residents of Athabasca County can place an order for trees as part of this program.
  • Payment is due when the order is placed. Payment by credit card is strongly recommended due to the pandemic.
  • Trees will not be held and are sold in bundles of either 3 or 5 as indicated, no exceptions.
  • To avoid disappointment, order early as some varieties have limited numbers available.

Please fill out the form below and email it to: [email protected]


Tree Options

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American Elm (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Grows very quickly in its early years.
  • Its unique umbrella canopy shape makes it a nice accent tree.
  • Can tolerate poor soil conditions (salt tolerant).
  • Tall tree at maturity.
  • Max height: 30m (98ft), spread 15m (50ft).
  • Seedling height: 15-80 cm (6-31.5″)
  • Price: $1.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $7.50

Amur Maple (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • A beautiful accent tree. Leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall.
  • These maples can tolerate both dry and wet conditions, is a very hardy tree!
  • Max height: 6m (20ft), spread 5m (16ft)
  • Seedling size: 20-50 cm
  • Price: $6.25/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $31.25.

Laurel Leaf Willow (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Fast growing (multiple feet per year) under good growing conditions
  • Maintains its green leaves late into the fall
  • Cannot tolerate drought
  • Prefers moist, well drained soils
  • Max height 26m (49ft), spread 15m (25ft)
  • Seedling size: approximately 30-45cm
  • Price: $2.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $12.50

Villosa Lilac (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Late bloomer (mid-late June) compared to other lilac varieties
  • Establishes and grows very quickly
  • Very drought tolerant but will not do well in wet areas
  • Does not sucker like other lilac varieties
  • Max height: 5m (16ft), spread 3m (10ft)
  • Seedling size: 15-30cm
  • Price: $3.25/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $16.25

Diablo Ninebark (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Compact shrub, when planted together makes a very nice hedgerow
  • Interesting leaf color and white flowers makes it a great ornamental feature to a yard
  • Tolerant of a variety of soils and moisture levels
  • Max height: 2.4m (8ft), spread 1.8m (6ft)
  • Seedling size: >15cm
  • Price: $4.75/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $14.25

Colorado Blue Spruce (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • low growing but once established are one of the best shelterbelt trees available
  • Salt intolerant, be wary of planting near roads!
  • Make great accent trees
  • Max height: 27 meters (90ft), spread 6m (20ft)
  • Seedling size: 12-30cm
  • Price: $1.25/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $6.25

Scots Pine (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • A very hardy tree
  • Makes a good shelterbelt tree as well as an accent tree
  • Has distinctive orange, flaky bark
  • Prefers dryer soil, will not tolerate undrained sites
  • Max height: 15m (49ft), spread 5m (15ft)
  • Seedling size: 10-30cm
  • Price: $1.25/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $6.25

Siberian Larch (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Loses its soft needles in the fall after its beautiful yellow color stage
  • Can tolerate saturated soils
  • Very cold tolerant
  • Prefers full sunlight
  • Works very well as both an ornamental and shelterbelt tree
  • Max height: 20m (66 ft), spread 8m (25 ft)
  • Seedling size: 12-40cm
  • Price: $1.25/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $6.25

Sea Buckthorn (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Unique looking shrub: long silvery leaf and bright orange berries that are edible
  • Suitable as a shelterbelt species and it makes a nice hedgerow
  • Can be planted in nutrient poor and dry soils
  • Needs full sunlight for optimal fruit pro-duction
  • Max height: 5m (15 ft), spread 4m (12 ft)
  • Seedling size: >15cm
  • Price: $1.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $4.50

Silver Buffalo Berry (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Very cold tolerant
  • A wildlife attractant, birds are drawn to this shrub
  • Is a great shelterbelt species. Its silver colored leaves and shape also make it a nice ornamental shrub for landscaping
  • Prefers full sunlight and needs well drained soils. Can be planted in nutrient deficient soils as it fixes nitrogen.
  • Suckers freely
  • Max height: 4.5m (15 ft), spread 3.5m (12ft)
  • Seedling size: >15cm
  • Price: $1.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $4.50

Okanese Hybrid Poplar (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • One of the very best shelterbelt trees
  • Grows very fast, is drought and cold tolerant
  • Does not produce “fuzz” in the spring
  • Max height: 18m (59ft), spread 8m (26ft)
  • Seedling size: greater than 20-80cm
  • Price: $1.75/tree. Sold in bundles of 5 for $8.75

Manchurian Apricot (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Cold hardy, this fruit tree will make it through our winters
  • Fragrant pink flowers in the spring
  • Will start producing fruit 2-5 years after planting. Fruit is small but tastes like a very sweet plum
  • Cannot be planted in wet areas
  • Max height: 5m (15ft), spread 5m (15ft)
  • Seedling size: 18-35cm
  • Price: $5.75/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $17.25

American Mountain Ash (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • A great tree for wildlife planting that is also an attractive ornamental yard tree
  • Clusters of white flowers in the spring and orange-red berries in the fall
  • Can tolerate a variety of soils, but will need to be kept moist for optimal growth in its establishing years
  • Max height: 10m (32ft), spread 6m (20ft)
  • Seedling size: 5-15cm
  • Price: $6.50/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $19.50

Swedish Aspen (SOLD OUT)

Description: SORRY SOLD OUT!

  • Very fast growing, under ideal conditions it can grow 5ft in a year
  • When planted in rows makes for an excellent yard feature
  • Does not produce fluff
  • Max height: 15m (49ft), spread 1.5m (5ft)
  • Seedling size: 35-75cm
  • Price: $6.25/tree. Sold in bundles of 3 for $18.75

Planting for Pollinators Package (SOLD OUT)


The Planting for Pollinators Package contains: 2 wolf willow, 2 snow-berry, 3 pussy willow, 3 blueberry, 2 red osier dogwood, and seeds from 8 different native wild flowers. *Contents subject to change if stock supply ordered becomes unavailable.

Price: $25/package

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Picking Up Your Order

The pick-up date for the tree seedlings will be communicated with you as early as possible. Please make every effort to pick up your trees that day as staff will not be responsible for looking after them after distribution day has passed and tree health may suffer because of that.

Alternate arrangements for relatives, friends or neighbours to pick up your trees is encouraged if you cannot pick up on the designated day. Tree orders not picked up three business days after distribution day may be dispersed at Athabasca County’s discretion if no alternate arrangements are made ahead of time and no refunds will be given.

Please Note: Trees are inspected during packaging to ensure they are alive and in excellent condition. Once they leave our care we cannot attest to what level of upkeep they are given, therefore no refunds will be given on any tree orders after tree distribution day.