999 seeds

Tomato Seeds F-1 Hybrid US-999 (Determinate)

Tomato is a warm season crop and requires a relatively long growing season with plenty of sunshine and moderate day temperature of 20–28°C. It is sensitive to frost. Under low temperature, the plant growth is restricted and fruit setting is low. The critical factor in the setting of fruits is the night temperature, the optimum range being 15–20°C.The red pigment in the fruit will develop only when the temperature is between 15°C -30°C. Above this range of temperature, only the yellow pigment formed. When the temperature exceeds 40°C, no pigment will be formed

WB 999 Wheat

WB 999 Beardless Wheat is a medium maturing, awnless (beardless), Hard Red Spring forage wheat (plant in the fall-winter in milder climates) with very good feed quality, bred for the forage and dairy markets fo the Southwest. Patron has excellent Yellow Stripe Rust and Leaf Rust resistance, and it’s stay-green habit allows for extended harvest. WB 999 is a PVP (proprietory) wheat. Click here for a tech sheet

*Can be grown for Silage, Hay or Grain -With Excellent Yield Potential