Easy and Fun
The ideal tool for getting rid
of unwanted weeds, and
cleaning flower beds
and gardens

*Long Handle Dee Weeder - Discontinued

As Seen on TV

Why so many tools ?
Now you can have the one tool that does it all
Easy and Fun
The Most Versatile Gardening Tools
  • Multifunctional Tool
  • Sturdy
  • Ultra light
  • Made of aluminum,
    it will not rust
  • Comfortable ergonomic
    handle with a non slip-grip
functions in
The multifunctional tool to get rid of weeds and clean flower beds
Remove weeds and unwanted grass

Removes weeds and
unwanted grass

thanks to its sharp forks
Sarcle et Nivelle

Hoes & Cultivates

for easy cleaning
around the plants
Sifts and Recycles the soil

Sifts and Recycles the soil

by retaining debris
Rakes and Cleans

Rakes and Cleans

Sharps Edges

Sharp Edges

to freshen up the borders
Mixing and Applying

Ideal for Applying &
Mixing fertilizers and compost

Simple back and forth movement